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 BeffsBrowser General is anything in general about BeffsBrowser.

Developing BeffsBrowser is for those who wish to get the know how or ask questions on getting started with Beffsbrowser as a developer.


Feature Requests and Feature Submission 

Feature requests are ideas or thoughts on what you the users would like to see

Feature developer application is for those who know code or how to do existing requested features or if you have come up with your own you can post them here with your source code!

Issues This is a discussion on the issues you can respectivly go to the issues tab in the menu above to submit bugs

Volunteering, Developers who wish to get involved or anyone really can get involved introduce yourself and so forth. Open job applications can be filled out and sent to me directly to get involved with BeffsBrowser you will need to gain trust with the BeffsBrowser Trust License, a pledge stating you won't  misuse or abuse the direct access to Beffsbrowser.

Submissions to become a Beta Trial User of BeffSecure

first post: jdc20181 wrote: Purpose To get a general feedback on how easy or not easy BeffSecu...

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