This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
This of course will be the biggest update, and I will also mention that the update 1.4.2 will be released sometime soon I have a few things to touch up.

Version 2.0 will bring a lot of things, including private browsing.

Now I will say that this is a long ways before it is released, as Version 1.5.0 is just around the corner once V. 1.4.2 is published.


-More secure. BeffsBrowser 2.0 will use the Webkit engine to provide the best internet experience possible!

-More speed! Yes, I can tell you that BeffsBrowser Version 2.0 will be much faster than previous versions, as we were using the webbrowser control (Yuck!)

-Easy Browsing! The style of the current versions will carry over, as that is what makes BB unique!

-Added a few touches to the under the hood functions.

-Easier and improved history managment!

-More to come!

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