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Well, coming up, is version 1.4.0 The Freshner. Now I attempted to test drive BeffsBrowser on XP and it does NOT support the .NET 4.5 Framework. I am working on BeffsBrowser XP Edition coming in the next months.
This will be strictly trial less features and be completely different. Of course it will be strictly beta and won't really be around long.
*Basic Browsing
*Older Version of BeffsBrowser
*No memo or word suite
*No games or other accessories.
*Private browsing are the only features that iwll be around.
Windows XP is no longer supported by windows and it is simply not really worth to support a open source program. That sad news being said to get access to amazing features and oppurtunity, Upgrade to a newer version of windows such Windows Vista 7, 8 or 10 doesn''t really mature.
Contact me at

Would you like a version of XP edition of BeffsBrowser?

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