This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
It is on the way, and well it is very basic, the only change was the framework compatibility, it is using 4.0 .NET Framework.

What is offered:
Basic Navigation

What isn't included
Anything with BeffsBrowser, doesn't offer private browsing or anything of that nature. No BeffsDocs or any of the newly released features.

The features in the newest BeffsBrowser have been in the works for a month or two and with the fact BeffsBrowser is older and more mature BeffsBrowserXPEdition needs time to grow first.

Still want BeffsBrowser features?
Well, it is unfortunate Windows 10 isn't available for XP users but, you may wanna see if you can find out if a free upgrade to windows 7 or 8 is available then you can get windows 10 or should be able to.

Are the features in the current BeffsBrowser gonna be in a future release of BeffsBrowserXPEdition?
Yes and No, Yes some will be included while others can't as they aren't compatible.

You can download it at

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