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Version 1.2.9/1.3.0 introduces BeffsBugZ A easy-to-use program that sends a direct message to a private email to where I can see any bugs reported. I am also working to get this set into a error provider dialog (thrown when a error is found or given)

How to use?
While in BeffsBrowser under the More menu it is located toward the bottom. Opem it and fill it out use one of the categories your report falls under if you think it is another one place it under Developer info and put that you feel it falls under X category where X is the category which isn't a given option.

Give version and best fit category
Give a detailed report and your email address for return service especially with Security, Errors updating or any other issue.

BeffsBrowser is under no warranty and is given "As-Is". This is general bug reporting issue resolution and isn't meant to create a 100% all the time solution.

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