This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
BeffsDocs has now merged to BeffsEasyNotes BeffsDocs was removed as of the upcoming version 1.4.1 release

Due to complexity and limited use of the properties of BeffsDocs, it will be obselete soon, but BeffsEasyNotes will migrate into BeffsDocs and become BeffsEasyDocs.
Here is a small (much more but all I can think of at this time) list of issues

*No access to the control code so it is buggy
*Free version is limited and no updates so basically if I want updates and bug fixes to the control I would be out over 1-2K dollars, which I don't have .
*Limited advancement, since the control isn't open source I can't advance it any.
and many more reasons to go with BeffsEasyNotes
*Based off a open source custom rich text control
*Spell check free from a open source provider
*Many advancement oppurtunities.

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