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BeffsBrowser Change Log

This first version didn't consist of much, you could go to many sites. Unfortunately as of version 1.0.1 the program had to be remade as it was built previously using a poor builder and couldn't add updates and extensions.

First good release zippy browser that could do basic page loading but with a few script errors that will be fixed in later versions.

Added new tab options
Added help menu: “whats new/about”
Added Icons
Added “print view” options
Added limited custom options (more to come!)
Fixed script errors and freezes

Version 1.2.0/1.2.1
Added new BETA features for Beff's Browser 2.0 (coming soon!)
You now can make your favorite sites bookmarks for easy navigation (or reference)
Removed bug filled what's new/about menu (patch 1.1.2)
Faster speeds
Fixed some minor patch work errors from patch update 1.1.2 and 1.1.5 (various errors malfunctioning)
Fixed Bug in when you close tab with one tab open it crashes
Added a Start Up Screen (SplashScreen)
Removed Print options for now as it was causing freezes and didn't actually print anything.(patch 1.1.6)
Re-fixed up the READ ME File we have now a READ ME agreement and official license (as of patch 1.1.1 and 1.1.2)
Re-added the About Panel with various info, such as the README and change log
Added a Help Panel
Added a Developer Center
Added a Version info Tab
Added last minute bug fix and customization to the Book Marks Panel
Made installation simpler, now you just choose install, as previously you had to wait a while!
Added new window options
Added clock
Added a calendar

Version 1.2.2/1.2.3
Bug fix, when only one tab is left it shouldn't exit just the tab but the whole window
Introducing BeffsSecretBrowsing!
Open in new tab/window options will be enabled for now it isn't ready yet but you can still see the menu don't click on the inside of the window click on the tab bar located below the menu strip (where the address bar and buttons are.)

Don't use the menu when you click in the browser itself it isn't BeffsBrowser menu and shouldn't be there.
Too many windows? We are fixing this! Too many windows is annoying for both you and Myself to develop and plus every time a change is made I have to go searching!
Sourcecode? Well, since it is open-source you can see what we are doing all the time and even help if you want. You just need to enroll in the BeffsBrowser community (it needs updated to match BeffsBrowser!) and then email me your ideas, or what you would like to do to help!

Added a settings Panel; sorry nothing there yet it is still under construction!
About the BeffsSecretBrowsing:
BeffsBrowser version 1.2.2/1.2.3 brings in BeffsSecretBrowsingBeta
BeffsSecretBrowsing is now in the beginning stages! Your history isn't kept and many features are disabled for security purposes!
Do Not Use the context menu (When you right click) that has favorites and other items that shouldn't be in BeffsBrowser but shouldn't even be visable in BeffsSecretBrowsing!
This version is a new step in the right direction of becoming a better browser!
Currently BeffsBrowser isn't updating appropriately and so if you experience any troubles, let me know or if you know how to fix this let me know!

Beffsbrowser Patch version 1.2.4 and update 1.2.5
Added Terms of use/rules for safety
Fixed and updated a few items
You can now Update BeffsBrowser!
BeffsSecretBrowsingBeta Updated with a few bug fixes Now is in Beta 0.2
Still working on the too many windows fix seems to be a few problems that will have to be fixed first
Bugs that seem to be plaguing BeffsBrowser seem to still be seen for some silly reason!
Introducing the Bugs numbering and tracking system!
I will be updating them for now on with a tracking number and will be adding a panel soon for reference and progress on the solution/fixing of bugs and problems!

Update panel is ready to go as listed above. It is a little tricky but, should work from now on
Always keep one tab open to minimize risks of receiving errors, or bugs
BeffsBrowser is planning to be improved and even better when BeffsBrowser 2.0 comes out in early 2016 with a new look and feel to come!

Windows 10? As of now it is unclear as to if I plan to get BeffsBrowser available for Windows 10 for now, in the future it will be made possible.

Extensions? Update! I think I found a way to add extensions but am not certain if it will work or not.

Settings panel is still being constructed so if you try to access the setting options you'll receive a dialog saying that the feature isn't ready yet

For now it will not work but will be visible: I am going to test out a password and user name feature to use BeffsBrowser it is unclear yet if this will work the way thought so, in the menu you will see something that says Log in, simply put ignore it for now!

Survey! This is completely optional and isn't tracked so it is completely anonymous!
Periodically I may have a survey for you to take as it is a much needed thing to gain feedback to make improvements, or simply to get ideas or suggestions.

Extra notes on the BeffsSecretBrowsing!
Please again do not use the context menu as it is unknown why it isn't removable, thus when you open a new tab it goes to default for some reason.

You may also notice the clock displayed is in gray this is because by default it is a calendar date and time stamp. And the calendar isn't needed for this feature I am working to create my own but, currently have not came up for a solution.

You may notice that some sites that the size isn't exactly in the best and this too is being worked to be fixed!

And Developer Center is now the Developer Lab and there are updated Dev. Docs!

Version 1.2.6

Introducing the new and improved BeffsBrowser!

Better layout, Color schematics, better navigation, New features, Clean up and More

Better layout

The tabs are now slightly bigger, and the space between the navigation menu and the tabs is color coded, BeffsBrowser standard color, blue!

You may notice with the exception of Refresh and Go Navigation actions are now in a drop down menu for easy access, this feature will be improved over time!

Color schematics

The address bar has been color coded so that it doesn't play tricks on you!

Changed up the Splash Screen so that it is larger, and lasts slightly longer. As you may know this changes with every update!

Introducing BeffsBrowser Developer Edition

The easy to use base gives a outline on how to build with BeffsBrowser, please note it is required to help build BeffsBrowser, for security purposes you are required to register as a developer and have trust. BeffsBrowser is open source based and upon request I will give you the source code. EditSome source code can be found in the info panel as stated below.end edit Or you can download BeffsBrowser Dev. Edition which also includes instructions and how to send your modifications to me so they can be built into BeffsBrowserBetaTestingVersion.

BeffsBrowser is now a member of the open source initiative! (Well I am, collectively speaking BeffsBrowser is)

BeffsDocs Beta is being introduced to BeffsBrowser, as will it be fully developed in BeffsBrowserGen2 or what I like to call BeffsBrowserG2 for short. BeffsBrowserG2 will be out next year with amazing improvements and changes!

BeffsBrowserBetaTestingVersion is getting a update with some different things.

BeffsSecretBrowser is no longer in service I apologize for any inconvenience. This feature needs further development before it can be used.

Clean up

BeffsBrowser experienced a Developers nightmare and this caused in result the rebuilding and cleaning up of nearly all of BeffsBrowser.
With this nightmare came a better side of the happening!

BeffsBrowser got a fall cleaning! Redesign and better navigation!

Better navigation

The new designs in the address bar, navigation action menu, and better optimizations have made BeffsBrowser better

Bugs have been swept clean for now!
Improved windows now you can switch between opened windows!

Better Error/ attention dialogs with high quality image quality I have made custom dialogs!

BeffsDocs is going to be a new project I am working on but, ultimately it is gonna be a feature of BeffsBrowser also! For now it will be annoying until I master how to allow it to be viewed/opened into a tab.

Introducing the all new info panel providing access to change logs, license info, developer resources, and now even some source code access also available with BeffsBrowser Developer Edition!

As you know More is to come thanks for using BeffsBrowser!

Version 1.2.6B “The Completed Update”
Fixed a few bugs in release 1.2.6
Added the "Whats new" dialog
Fixed some troubles with BeffsDocs
Added some content that wasn't included.
Added a Step by step tutorial on how to build your own BeffsBrowser
Note that this doesn't allow you to submit builds to be added until you've gotten
your trust license!
The tutorial doesn't include dialogs such as this one or any other dialog other than BeffsBrowser
BeffsDocs will be ready soon and is just in the dev. stage so it is useless to give anything out yet
Fixed icons so they aren't default ones.

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