This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
Update Looks like I can use any Arch. Again so it is possible for it to work on X64 or X86 not sure still about X32 though. It is still reccomended to use X86 as that is what it is built with.

Recent changes have came to change the compatible Archtecture from both X32 X64 X86 to just X86 If I am correct X32 is outdated and Dunno if that was even included but putting that out there. So I am unable to say it will work on any other type except X86.
Reccomended Specs
Windows 7 or 8
At LEAST 500MB of space this gives room for updates and data as it is a webbrowser.

Required Specs
X86 Arch.
At Least 350MB*
Windows Vista or newer.

^Varies by version and latest calculations it takes 65.2MB to download the zip and about 75MB to install. Again it is reccomended you have this much as this is a Webbrowser* which uses a lot of memory, as all do.

^Values based on what is estimated plus space for additional data actual values vary

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