This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.

Welcome To BeffsBrowser!
This change from Sourceforge has been a big change. BeffsBrowser Will Still Be offered there to download UNTIL BeffsBrowserG2 is ready, and that won't be until next year! Although BeffsBrowser is being offered here SourceForge is still a great resource to open source developers/programmers and This is simply just a test drive if it works better, well then this is BeffsBrowser's New Home!


Well, BeffsBrowser isn't hard to use or even to build if you're up for it!
Released under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 it is a free and open source Webbrowser. The goal is to change how the internet works like major browsers do today, but let up on the unwanted restrictions and pests that these major browsers do!

Please note BeffsBrowser is still being developed and you are getting the chance to use the versions that may not seem all so great but don't leave! I am a high schooler which means I got years of schooling before BeffsBrowser will be 99% perfect! BeffsBrowser has rules and a policy for security purposes you have access to the source code with a tutorial I made. This source code is exactly What is used in the building of BeffsBrowser just without the Dialogs and about boxes and so forth.

Thanks to alot of people who don't even know they helped BeffsBrowser has been possible! These people have gave me tips, answered my questions, and you the users have given me courage and the needed push to keep building on this project!
BeffsBrowser going forward will be needing funding for IOS and Android development if you wish to do ths you can go here

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