This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
The patch update is coming but along with it it brings exciting new features. BeffsEasyNote is a RichTextFormat wordpad that is built in!
Dialog Reduction is now at the end with now nearly no dialogs!
BeffsEasyNote Features!
Works just like notepad, you can save, load, print*, and do many things with it,
Bold, Italics, FontSize, Search Document features. New document. And many formatting features!

BeffsCalculator is being improved, and soon you can just type with your keypad to which numbers/calculations you wish to get.

Introducing RestartBeta, this is a way to reload BeffsBrowser when it seems to be slow, and is often due to a lag in the code which sometimes hangs up.

BeffsScanner, as I have said BeffsVirusScanner or BeffsScanner is going to be coming! Important This does not replace a existing Virus Scanner nor will it do exact same things modern ones do, this is a experimental project feature! If you do not have one I reccomend getting one from AVG or Norton!

BeffsGames are on the way first up Annoying Buttons! Each time you click the button your score moves but so does the button? Yes! And when you reach level 13 it is game over! More levels coming soon!
Solitare is a feature project that needs your help go to if you are a developer and know how to create this and submit your application!

Was the Address bar a little small? Well good news! I increaseed the size by 100%!

Bug Fixes!

Added a direct link to BeffsBrowser Forums the location to talk BeffsBrowser!

Got suggestions? I wanna hear 'em!

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