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So yes there will be a very long life to BeffsBrowser beyond the average 2-3 years, in fact I have plans to keep this going all the way through my life as a project. Now obviously it should come a long way from where it is now and it will!
Short Term
Since I really don't know much of long term items, I will start short term. In the near future Linux and Mac. Support will finally be possible, these both will be slightly different and coding wise be in a alternative language.
More involvement, regardless of capabilities will be a future of BeffsBrowser's extended life. Involvement can include simply reviewing the latest release with your thoughts and features you would like to see. If you know the code and can help with the extending BeffsBrowser that would be a very well appreciated involvement.
As above extending BeffsBrowser is another short term outlook I would like to see, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with this or how to create this ability.
Long term I would like to see a mobile version of BeffsBrowser but, with the tight budget and rediclous developer fees, it seems this will have to work.

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