This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
Version 1.2.9/1.3.0 "Big Alpha/Beta Update"

Let's start off with why it is titled Big Alpha Beta Update, Lets go from right to left, and why. Beta is because there is some things that are not stable but not totally use at your own risk. Alpha is for the Tab control and the latest add in BeffsBugZ you can report bugs within BeffsBrowser. A guide on how to report bugs properly will come along soon! Some things are unstable or unusable, BeffsData is still under development, and will not be included in this update.
Key Points
New TabControl
Bug Fixes
Moved BeffsDocs to the BeffsOfficeWorks Panel!
BeffsEasyCapture a simple screen capture program
FullScreenMode ALPHA
HideToolBar feature
Introducing the utilities menu!
A calculator has been custom made and placed under Utilities!
Now Built using WebKit Webbrowser Technology!

No more of that dialog that had the help stuff the license will be viewable from within BeffsBrowser and nothing more will be shown. Use BeffsBugZ for developer information or questions of license.
Can you believe that I released BeffsBrowser July 7 2015 as BeffsChromeProject and here we are now? If you wanna join me in the development or would like a full package of source code contact me! or in the discussion tab create a thread and ask for it!

Release Date is Planned for November!

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