This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
Upcoming 1.4.1
Temporary Beta Feature
-FullScreen: Edit BeffsBrowser will go into fullscreen by default sortta like chrome but the task bar isn't viewable you can exit default mode and go into a normal state by clicking "Exit FullScreen" button. This is experiemental and may cause issues which will revert back in version 1.4.2 this is so that if you are watching a youtube video you can see it full screen. I am still working on the improvement of this. The FullScreen button in the drop down menu was removed.

BeffsDocs is now BeffsEasyNotes and BeffsDocs was removed!

Bug Fixes

Added Navigation improvements
-Now after you type your address in just hit the enter key! (Soon the "Go" button will be eliminated!)
-Added ProgressBar
-Added Page Headers, so now for example if you go to then in the tab heading it will say google!
-Fixed a bug where the addressbox text wouldn't change as you navigated from a page to another.
-Improved speed
-Added Improvements to tab header size
-Reduced the number of dropdowns, merged a few and renamed some

BeffsEasyNotes updates!
-Now add bullet points!
-Now successfully print from BeffsEasyNotes
-Added Bug fixes and improvments that makes BeffsEasyNotes Easier!
-Added WordCount
- Added ChangeLog now see your text history as you type so if for example you accidently cut the wrong thing you can hit either redo or look at the change log so you can retype the info more options will be coming in the future to expand this.
-Added new options, indent, bullet points, and even set it back to normal!
-Updated and improved Save,SaveAs, and Open Dialogs You can now save as any file type!
-And many more improvments!

Added Settings!,
-The HomePage setting! Navigate to your favorite homepage with a click of a button!
-The Search Provider setting now instead of Google Search with Bing All located under settings(Settings can be found in the options menu)
-Finally Added WebBrowsing History, now see and manage your history!

Introducing BeffsEasyLists, create your grocery or To-Do lists with ease!
-Create Grocery Lists
- Create To-Do or task lists.
-You can't save but can print!
*Added a Date Reminder so when you use BeffsBrowser it will randomly Ask for you to check here for news and updates!

Good news! Those coding bugs were fixed and BeffsFilterBrowser will be fully functioning in the next update!
Updates to BeffsFilterBrowser
-Now filters your custom blocked sites
-Now filters successfully by default it redirects to
-Securely filter sites as the add or remove blocked sites is user name and password protected!
-Bug fixes and improvements to match with BeffsBrowser

More improvments
-BeffsAnnoyingButtonGame, Added more levels and challenges!
-Fixed some bugs with BeffsSoduku, crash issues
-Fixed some outdated dialogs and lightened security on the capcha to BeffsBugZ
-Added Improvments and under the hood management, clean ups etc.
-Removed Progress bar on splashscreen for moderate loadup speed improvement, The time needed to load all the designer (The window buttons, etc.) is being reduced and takes time to work out the issues, the progress bar will be back but, will be a little smoother.
-Bug Fixed Now when you have one tab left and close it, safely the whole window closes. Please be warned that if you have 1 tab it will close and not give that warning message, if you have 2 or more tabs that message will show.

More notes on this upcoming update
Lot's of improvements and tweaks are on the way, The one thing I ask is to share this with a friend, so BeffsBrowser can bring more excitement and more community members.

Do you wannna create a "Plugin" and submit it? Coming soon will be a way to send your program to be included in the BeffsBrowser Plugin Box coming soon!

BeffsFilterBrowser can be downloaded at

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