This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.
Time Map: Late Febuary, early march, a lot is coming and also working on the BeffsBrowser site. Feb. 20th projected date.

Version 1.4.2 Febuary Update Outlook

-There is a bug that occured that won't close the window when one tab is left and you close it. I fixed it once again.

-Modified the History Viewer. (There will be more to this coming up)
Use the context menu (Just right click) to manage history.Delete one item or all.

-FullScreenTesting V. 0.2 will be ready in this release fixing some bugs and adding minor improvements.
-Now it don't start as FullScreen without the taskbar showing but will make the taskbar hide when you toggle it into, full screen.

-Favorites will be added back (I kinda forgot to add the button to it)
Introducing the new favorites Beta. Just click Add to Favorites, and it will be added to the new favorites log. The old version of Favorites will not be going away anytime soon however, it will in the future.

-New Favorites
-Added some navigation options just rightclick and choose navigate.

Developer Tools
-Added ViewPageSource
Note: The page source isn't great and isn't organized like other browsers.

I am attempting to fix a few bugs and get a easier favorites

BeffsFilterBrowser will be removed soon as it is a new independent project (Approx V. 1.5.1)

Other fixes and improvements are in the works.

BeffsEasyNotes Additions and fixes
-Added New formats, Url detection, Hyperlinks, More to Be Announced!
-Insert Pictures!
-Fixed some bugs
-Added "Protected Document"(By Default it must contain the protected keyword in order for it to stay protected)
-Added Text to speech! Now with those long documents you can have it read to you!

Calculator updates!
-Added stability fixes
-Added Exponent
-Added Auto-Save, now the previous session will be saved!
-Bug Fixes
-Working on adding a squareroot function

More info is to be annnounced!

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